History of Shri. Valmiki Peeta

India is the most sacred country in the world. This is a place where many sage-saints, philosophers, masjids, social reformers and great saints have been blessed with this India

Originally the hunter Ratnakar (the name of Maharshi Valmiki's purvaśrama) in the beginning of the Territorial Age in that context is a change in his life everyday “ Ramayana ” He remembered the mantra and became a young man. In the later days, the social system of an Indian society, the family relations, the kindness of all animal-birds, geographically the borders of India, the traces of the shrines, have led India's great-grandfathers in their “ Ramayana Epic ”

So in our Indian social system there are many communities in our liquor. So every community has its own ” cultural leaders ” There are honest efforts to establish monasteries in the name of guru-peetas and to develop in all aspects of their community. The Brahmin community of this country is attempting to raise their community in the name of Lingayataru Basavanna in the name of Adi Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Madwacharaya, Ramanujacharya, and their community.

In this context, many of our community leaders in the community, like the Maharishi Valmiki, the Ekalavya, the Kadara Kannappa, the Sabari Hakka-Bukkaru, the Malegaon Kumar Rama, the Chitradurga, They all gave this nation a great deal of contribution to the country. So we also have many great-minded people in the name of our cultural leaders to be socially educated, economically, politically and politically in all corners of the community. K. Thippeswamy has been appointed, Mr. Satish Jarakihole, the minister of ministries, the. Venkatesh Leader Former MPs and Legislators, Raja Ambanna Leader Former MPs and MLAs, Govinda Juttala Surima Lingappa, Shri NT Bommanna, Mr. Koratagere Veeran, Shri Saralinga Gayya, Shri KN Nair, Rajanna, Sri Chandrashekar's Leader, D.D. Shankara Carning, The || Chandrashekhar, Gudakakuyu, Sri Muthanna, Shri Amaresha Nayak, Sri Gangadhar Nayak, Sri Venugopal Nayak, D.D. Sri Vijayalakshmi Gujjala, Shri Pratap Gowda Patil, Shri KV Hanumanthan, Shri Ramesh Jarakihole, Shri N. Sivakumar, Why Gopal Krishna, Mr. B. Mr. Ramulu, Mrs. J. Shantha, Sri Small Fakirappa, Shri Shashikumar, Sri E. Tukaram, Mr. B. Nagendra, Shri Sivanagowda Nayak, Sri Rajugoud. Sri Balachandra Jarkhihole, Sri Venkatappa Nayak, leaders of Sri Mata Raja Venkatappa of Surupur, Sri Hemayya Sahukara, Shri Raja Raya Nayaka, Sri Thipparaju Hawalder, Rajesh, Mr. S. V. Ramachandrappa, Sri Raghumurthy, Shri Suresh Babu, Shri Somalingappa, Shri B.M. Sri Nilaraju, Shri Milakkalmooru Thippeswamy, Shri Chinnanna, Shri Basavgowda, Shri Gas Shirama, Shri JN Nair, Ganesh, Mr. V.S. Ugrappa, Mr. BV Nayak, and the leaders of the state throughout the state, Thimmanahalli Sherarappa, The. A. Lingappa, The. The Giris are Nandi Basappa, The. Dr. Guralingaiah, The. K. Borappa, The || Bhojanna, The. Aankakatte Parasurappa, The. Bidadi Krishnappa, Sri Ashwathappa, Sri T. Muniswami, Mr. HK K. Sri Ramachandrappa, Sri Tumkur Hanumanthayya, Shri Bhakta Ramegowdru, Sri Hartikote Virendra Simha, Shree Tejaswi Kattimani, Hosapete Elkkareri Owners, Shri Nandi Gokaka Sri Narasimhaiah, Mr. MNS. Narayanaswamy, Sri Cirirare Thippesh, Sri Basavaraja Leader, Sri Anekal Ryanaswamy, Sri Venugopal Nayak, Shirdi, Sri Murthunjaya, Shri Sudarshan Nayaka, Shri Y.B. Patil, Mr. Dr. Hulnayaka, Mr. B. Shivappa, Shri GJ Sri Chandrasekharappa, Sri Malleshappa, Shri Shivaraj, Sri Singapore Venkatesh, Mrs. Jayashree Gaddakaku, Mrs Shantala Rajanna, Mrs. Gajjala Shantakka, Kumari Tara.

Sri Sri Thiruchi Mahaswamy, the founder of Bangalore Kailasamudram, has been a part of many societies, political, district, taluk, leaders, fighters, writers, scholars, chairpersons, organizations, This program of blessing and pathway is behind the demand for the various demands of our community The program will be held eyalli. In order to succeed in this event, the Gandhian leader Valmiki-leader will take part in the Sahasra-Sahasra community and request them to be successful in the program. The present day Davanagere District is located in the Harihar Taluk “ Subrahman Rajahalli ” &Ldquo; Maharshi Valmiki Gurupet was founded on February 09, 1998.

The first Jagadguru Lingayak of Sri Mutt Sri Sri Sri Punyyananda Sree, an unincorporated community of Valmiki, the leader of the leader of the community, organized this community in all the districts of the state on religious grounds. And so continuously for 9 years “ a nightclub for a single night town ” As a proverb, a chakra is built to fulfill the devotional attitudes and eliminate the mood of the society, the superstition and the superstitions of our community and open up many educational institutions for the development of our community's poor children. So on the way to Davanagere near the Karur Railway Gate

All the leaders of the Shree Mutt and all the leaders of the society led by Sri Satish Jarakihole, then the Honorary President of Sri Lanka, were appointed as Provisional Chiefs of the current Jagadguru Param Puja Sri Sri Sri Prasannananda Mahaswamy on September 6, 2007. Then on 14-10-2008, Puzhassi was honored by all the respected monks of the country, the representatives of the people and all the relatives of society.

From here onwards, to organize and organize all the district headquarters and taluk centers in Puzhiru, call for action. Going to Bhakti Programs is a "peace meeting" in which cases of casteism and alcohol abuse are organized. Making inter-caste marriages is one of the many activities of the society who are engaged in building a healthcare society. On November 25, the state level PURVABAVI meeting was convened after several suggestions were made by the relatives of the community in the event of conducting ceremonies for nearly 10 years in all parts of Pujyaru. The decision to celebrate the Valmiki fair was discussed in many ways. The "Maharshi Valmiki Fair" was held on February 08 and 09 2019 in the background.

The program has been held in the backdrop of demanding the various demands of the Nammu community. In order to succeed in this young age, all the country's Walmiki-leader relatives are requested to participate in the Yasahas-Sahas, to make the program successful.

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