Kujantaṁ rāmarāmēti | Madhuraṁ madhurākṣaraṁ || āruhya kavitāśākhāṁ | Vandē vālmīki kōkilaṁ ||

Shri Maharushi Valmiki Gurupeeta

India is the most sacred country in the world. This is a place where many sage-saints, philosophers, masjids, social reformers and great saints have been blessed with this India
Originally the hunter Ratnakar (the name of Maharshi Valmiki's purvaśrama) in the beginning of the Territorial Age in that context is a change in his life everyday “ Ramayana ” He remembered the mantra and became a young man. In the later days, the social system of an Indian society, the family relations, the kindness of all animal-birds, geographically the borders of India, the traces of the shrines, have led India's great-grandfathers in their “ Ramayana Epic ”

Shri Valmiki Prasannananda Swamiji

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